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Tuesday, August 9th, 2022



Well, let’s hope today we can go from Notion page to blog entry a lot quicker than we did yesterday.

Today is a different set of priorities than we had yesterday. Today, I am focusing on other projects. But I was done with those early, so I decided to look at what I got done yesterday, and holy cannoli! I have the foundations of The Thought Experiment blog ready to go.

Today’s going to be a short entry. But I’m just envisioning all the possibilities here. I could automate a tweet that gets created when I create a new entry. I can use time gathering content so I can share it on newsletters and blogs. I could write new music and share that with the world ☺️☺️☺️


Not bad. about to push up the changes and commit the changes to the repository. In about five minutes from now, there should be a new tweet posting about the new blog update. Wahoo!

Life and business are going along, and I’m grateful to be on this journey and growing, learning, connecting, and taking massive action every single day.

Let’s do this!!

-JV 8/9/22