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The Start of Something New

January 1st, 2023. 5 AM in the morning.

Today, I decided I’m going to live my life exactly as I want to.

I'm going to sleep when I want, see who I want, do the type of work I want to do, and do things that I want, when I say them.

I've fallen prey for too long with the distractions of social media. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok…

They're always of hijacking your attention.

Write what you want to write when you want to write it. Run 3 miles every day. Trying to get faster. Spend time and bond with your cat. Release. Listen. Feel. Close your eyes and be here now.

It's past 5 AM on the morning of New Year's Day. I haven't slept. But I had such a beautiful and fulfilling night. I love how I can love myself and love my own company.

This year is going to be different. We’re going to be different. Let's focus on our own goals and work nonstop towards them. Let's write it all out and organize. Because organize thought and intelligence are super powers we have as humans. Let's use them.