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Welcome to my portfolio site. I'd like to share with you the motivation behind this site. You could have been anywhere else on the internet, but I'm glad you are here.

I built this site because I wanted to take ownership and accountability over my life and my career.

On August 2nd, 2020, I was placed on furlough from my employer of seven years. It was in that moment that I experienced the feeling of having my entire livelihood pulled from underneath me. I was a young professional at a consulting firm, earning a six-figure salary, thinking I was on top of the world and how incredibly lucky I was to work where I did.

I realized how quickly this fact could change, and I realized just how much certain things are out of my control. I was able to come back to my employer after a couple of months of being in limbo, but I realized that my passions didn't lie in the work I was doing. This granted me a blessing in disguise to reassess how I'm spending my time and what future I'm working towards, and if I'm truly feeling fulfillment from it.

I have the power to design my lifestyle, my career, my work, my digital persona, my personal portfolio, my mission, and my purpose. I have the power to set an intention for my life and live intentionally, everyday.

I built this site because I wanted to express myself via written work, software development, and music.

I love music, I love writing, and I love building things that help others or make others feel good. On this site, I will embark on a life-long journey of building systems that make our lives better, building community to better understand one-another, and share all the cool things I’ve found about life.

I've had a variety of interests from technology, finances, and investing to music, art, and writing. I’ve found it difficult to create a place where I can share on all these topics I find intriguing, and I hope to grow this site as something that can serve those interests.

We are all unique human beings, we all have our own unique story, and by sharing our story, we are able to better understand each other, hopefully leading to a world filled with more love and understanding. As technology and social media become more ubiquitous, I hope we embrace the opportunity to reflect on the possibilities available to us and use this power with a noble intention.

That's my intention with this site: to embrace technology with a noble intention and share an authentic story, build connection, and open myself up to new possibilities and connections with others around the world.