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Two Days Til Takeoff

Two days until take-off.

The day has finally come. I've been psyching myself out a lot about this upcoming trip of mine. I thought it would've happened earlier in the summer. I thought I would've visited more destinations. I thought it would've been easier, faster, quicker to coordinate, easier to happen. I've figured it out halfway and am still flying, I am figuring out how to make this happen as time goes by.

The thing about commitment and going for it is: you really have no idea exactly what it'll look like. You might have an idea. You might have a plan. You might create a picture in your mind of what your experience will be like, but the reality is that the actual sensation of going somewhere, doing something, and just having the experience will always surprise you with how unexpected it might be.

But if you believe, commit, have faith, continue onward, reflect, and press on, the results might surprise you, and you might not even recognize the ground you're walking on and how unique it is to this moment. I believe we all have the power to manifest our reality. I believe we have this gift of cognition to leave the world with our mark on it. I believe we all want to be part of something bigger than just ourselves. And the people who have come before us probably didn't anticipate the impact they would have historically across time. Their end-result was probably unforeseen to them, too.

The excitement is in creation.

The journey is the experience.

Carry this moment with gratitude and grace to be able to be where you are right now, today, this moment. Acknowledge the work you've put in for yourself.

Today marks my One Year Anniversary since I took the plunge in building my own business. There's been plenty of lessons, new progress, work, ideas, and manifestations of this journey. I knew that I wanted to treat myself with something special. I wanted to be at a beach celebrating the change that has happened. I wanted to be in the mountains to reward myself for the hard work I've done. I wanted to explore, have an adventure, and take my work and my perspective with me.

Even though I'm not in the spot where I thought I'd be by September 2021, I have an opportunity to reflect and create some new goals. Even though I haven't canceled my T-Mobile plan for $100/mo. and made the commitment to switch to Mint Mobile. These are the little things I can reflect on and see how small changes can end up making a huge impact further into the following year. Simply by doing this one thing, I can have $600 more at the end of the year that I otherwise wouldn't have had for the same thing!!

This whole journey has been incredible and humbling, and I'm happy to be here for each step along the way.

Thank you for joining me along the way!