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Young Man in Chicago Builds a Printing Press for the Ages! Extra! Extra!

Welcome to the year 2021.

The politics are wild, a virus crippled our world, technological advances moved exponentially, and Bitcoin is the hottest commodity on the markets exploding by 1,000% this year.

We are more connected than ever before, seeing violent acts first hand through the power of our mobile devices.

The gap between the haves and the have nots has deepened through almost invisible ways.

Stocks and real estate continue to rise in value, while many others who don't own these assets are falling further away from those who do.

Technology is advancing at a lightning pace that leaves others behind.

It is this exact momentum that is ripping through our society, like an invisible fracture that is being created from the downtown and northside communities of Chicago from the south and west sides of the same city. It's the momentum that keeps latino immigrants, asian immigrants, black immigrants, and native populations out of the system and the propserity, and props up the white colonizers even further on this stolen land that's sowed and reaped for its capitalistic fruits.

It's a system that's in perpetual motion, constantly moving, failing to adequately serve those at the bottom levels and fearlessly propelling those at the higher levels.

The momentum cannot be stopped, and we are left with only one choice.

We have to ride the wave of innovation as it slowly rises and rises, or risk sinking in the rising tide.

That's why I'm building this website.

That's why I'm taking fate into my own hands with the power infront of me.

I know that we can ride on the tailcoats of technology giants, and instead of just being complacent with what they built for us, we can use the tools of the modern age to build whatever suits our needs.

With React, Gatsby, and Netlify, I've built a powerful web site that can push live updates in a matter of minutes.

I've created my own brand of printing press that I can customize and make my own.

Simply by creating a new templated markdown file and running gatsby develop, I have a web page built on my local computer.

I can build it, shape it, change it, modify it, add to it, to build incredible functionality that would've taken exponential hours of work to accomplish.

But with my combined expertise of building mobile applications and deploying software to production-level environments for large enterprise companies as part of our capitalistic system we've indoctrinated, I've learned how to do this.

I've learned how to build the very system we live on.

And I want to show you how to do it, too.

Follow my blog for more content like this and to challenge your mind to a higher calling.

I thank you for your time, and as always, may God's peace and grace be with you.

-JV 3/11/21